Oncologist and trained chef dr. Luis Pineda develops delicious and nutritional dishes especially for cancer patients.

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Luis Pineda: Alumni Profile

Luis Pineda, M.D., wears two white coats: physician and chef. As an oncologist and hematologist for more than two decades, Pineda saw many cancer patients lose interest in food, refusing hospital trays and meal replacement shakes.

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After 30 years in the field, Birmingham, Alabama, oncologist Luis F. Pineda, MD, says he still gets frustrated when patients don't enjoy eating.

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Pineda finds spicy foods help to combat nausea and pique the appetite so stick with these recipes featuring jalapeños or cayenne pepper.

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Broadcast Date: 30 Sep 2013
Time: 12:00 PM
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Jane Ehrhardt

Published: September 9, 2013

Luis Pineda, MD runs Cooking with Cancer, a nonprofit.
Omega-3 took a hit as a panacea of cancer prevention this summer. In the July 11 issue of the online Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a study by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle showed the fatty acid accelerated prostate cancer.

Yet only a few weeks earlier, a study in the British Medical Journal reinforced the omega-3 benefit for women in preventing breast cancer. This study focused on consuming fish as the source of the fatty acid versus the supplements. It found that for each 0.1 gram or 0.1 percent energy increment of fish oils taken daily, the risk dropped by five percent.